What is life with Christ like?

To this, Luke answers, “Well, its kind of like a long road trip with Jesus. Let me tell you all about it … “

Almost half of Luke’s gospel is an account of Jesus’ incredible journey into Jerusalem. He is on a mission. He has come to announce the arrival of God. The Spirit of the Lord is upon Him and He has good news for all creation! This is the road Jesus is on – on the way to completing His calling.

But, interestingly enough, this mission includes an unusual team of fishermen. An odd group of unassuming characters called out from the crowd.

We’ve called them disciples.

“Walk this way!” Jesus says, “Join me on the road and find life!”

In Luke’s imagination then, life with Christ is a long, growing journey – a road we take with our Lord, learning the new way of the Kingdom. Of course, along the way, we change. The journey reorients our loyalties. It calls into question our assumed ritual practices. It even invites us to learn the way of loving servitude – to practice the art of agape.

The earliest Christians were singled out as men, women and children who belonged to “The Way” (Acts 9:2) because indeed, we are on the way! We live with Christ and to live with Christ is to follow Him. To join Him on the road.

So, these next few months, we’ll be identifying with His Way Sunday mornings as we journey through Luke’s gospel together. We’ll follow Christ on the road to Jerusalem – arriving there at Holy Week, dining with Jesus on Maundy Thursday and kneeling at the cross on Good Friday. Then finally, we’ll gather to celebrate the journey’s end (or, maybe it’s just the beginning?) on Easter Sunday – the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Walk this way!” Jesus says, “Join me on the road!”

That’s the way of discipleship. That is life with Christ.

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